Telgra Side Table


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This side table is part of the beginnings into a study of solid form sculptural works, following on from long explored narratives of positive and negative space, solidity of object and tension of space, tactility and texture of surface.

The name Telgra is from an old Anglo-Saxon word meaning Branch or Shoot. The series of works will look to utilise the primary or secondary limbs of the tree, rarely used in furniture due to the uneconomical yielding of usable timber and the instability and tensions inherent in these sections of wood. Selected for use in a partially air-dried state, and retaining much of their natural character, these logs in the round will continue to crack and split as they age and dry further, adding to the individuality of each piece. The external carved surfaces are scorched and brushed back which unifies the volume and reveals the texture of the grain and character, while the inner surface is carved to reveal the grain patterning and varying tones of the wood.

Dimensions: h 54.5cm w 37.5cm

Each table is made to order with a lead time of 8-10 weeks and will vary in character which each log selected. We can also make these to bespoke dimensions, if you are interested in commissioning a table then please get in touch here.