TRELLIS Shelving

The intention with TRELLIS was to design a freestanding shelving system that could be used as a room divider, accessible from both sides and easily customisable by the user. To create a substantial piece of furniture that still felt light, and securely framed and celebrated the objects it held. The interchangeable panels can be easily rearranged with the shelves allowing for a playfulness and can partially screen the shelves changing the emphasis on which sides of the shelving to use. The arched top and bottom join the two sides together and create a pleasing form enclosing the contents of the shelves whilst still allowing light in. The arches were inspired in part by the wide and varied uses of arches in architecture and design through history and across cultures, arched niches and doorways, to bridges and viaducts. These arched components can be bolted on to allow the units to be extended and added to, to create a long room divider or wall feature, increasing the versatility.

TRELLIS Single Unit
From £2,545.00 - £3,385.00
TRELLIS Double Unit
From £4,305.00 - £5,280.00
TRELLIS Triple Unit
From £6,220.00 - £7,300.00
TRELLIS Shelving Components
From £75.00 - £1,920.00