MIMA Shelving

MIMA Shelving is a modular wall hung shelving system made from solid wood with a natural oil finish. Available in two depths with four bracket heights in each depth. The brackets screw to the wall and the shelves simply slot onto the supports with corresponding grooves in the underside. The shelves are then free to be rearranged to suit a multitude of uses from kitchen and lounge to office and cafe. Additional brackets and shelves can be added to create a custom layout. These shelves offer a high quality handcrafted warm and tactile shelving with excellent versatility, despite appearing light and delicate they are incredibly strong.

MIMA 1 Shelf Set
From £155.00 - £220.00
MIMA 2 Shelf Set
From £370.00 - £470.00
MIMA 3 Shelf Set
From £555.00 - £710.00
MIMA 4 Shelf Set
From £740.00 - £950.00
MIMA Shelving Components
From £40.00 - £255.00