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The MIMA Collection

The MIMA Collection began with discovering the processes and techniques of Windsor chair making and using that as a basis and a design language with which to create. The methods involved very much affect the final form and design, showing the characteristic open linear structure familiar with Windsor Chairs. As much about the space between the spindles as the solid form itself. This is very much in line with the intentions of the pieces in the collection, allowing light in and around and through the furniture.

New TRELLIS Shelving available now. 

TRELLIS launched at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 and is available to order now.

TRELLIS Shelving
TRELLIS Shelving
TRELLIS Shelving
TRELLIS Shelving
TRELLIS Shelving

TRELLIS Shelving

TRELLIS is a modular freestanding shelving system and room divider made from solid Oak or Ash with a natural oil finish. The curved arches bolt to the side brackets with countersunk Allen key fixings, the supplied fixings also allow for additional arches and side brackets to be bolted on to lengthen the unit indefinitely. Interchangeable panels simply slide into place between the shelf supports and help stiffen the structure whilst also acting as partial screens. The shelves then slot onto the spindles of the side brackets via grooves in the underside. The Panels and three different shelf sizes, can be rearranged to the user’s desire creating endless possibilities and uses.

Pictured in Ash.

Bespoke options are also available.   

Made to order, please allow 6-8 weeks.


Part of the MIMA collection, the versatile MIMA Shelving can be used to create your own unique wall layouts, mixing and matching the different length ladder brackets and wood choices.

All pieces of the MIMA collection are handmade to a high standard of craftsmanship, and embrace the natural character of the British hardwoods used. Designs made in the John Eadon workshop are made to order, making it possible to tailor pieces to individual requirements or to commission a new bespoke piece.

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