Avon Lounge Chair


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Taking inspiration from traditional Windsor chairs and mid-century design, this lounge chair combines the essential elements into a flowing and connected form with a very comfortable, relaxed and supported seating position, once described wonderfully as capturing the perfect poise and position of a rocking chair mid rock. As with traditional Windsor chairs, the seat is carved from solid Elm which naturally resists splitting, and the steam bent arm and spindles are in Ash which steam bends well and has a natural spring. 

A prototype jig of this chair was made with a number of adjustable elements including seat height and angle, angle of back rest, curve of armrests and bend of back support spindles. On and off over a period of 5 years, this prototype was tested with as wide a range of body types and sizes as possible to find that mythical perfect for everybody. The result is a chair with interesting curves and dynamics which may not appear to make sense at first sight but work together to create a very comfortable chair.

The continuous armrest and back is steam bent and shaped from one continuous length of Ash nearly 3 metres long. It bends in multiple planes to produce a curve which allows elbow room in the armrests whilst bringing the tops of the spindles forward in their curve maintaining the head position. The reclined and sculpted seat and lumber supporting spindles spread the weight and points of contact which increases comfort over longer periods. 

Finished in a clear matt oil. Made to order, please allow 12-14 weeks.