Bespoke Wedged Oak Wardrobe

This was an interesting commission where the client needed a Bespoke his and hers wardrobe building into a large alcove in their bedroom. However it is a 400 year old stone and timber farmhouse with leaning walls and very sloping floors. To add to the complexity the house is built straight onto heavy clay and the various walls move up and down to a varying degree throughout the seasons as the clay takes on and loses water. This means any built in furniture will have large gaps appear around it in no time.

To solve this problem we built a complex arrangement of floating wedged joints throughout the framework which allowed a central frame to remain square so that the doors and drawers would not bind, whilst allowing the exterior part of the frame to move and flex with the building. The clients can make regular checks throughout the seasons to tap any loosened wedges home with a purpose made mallet, which they love, really feeling like they are a part of a continued involvement with the furniture which really does live with them.

Handcrafted from English Oak with hand cut joinery throughout. This is a fairly extreme example of fitted solid wood furniture and we can take on your projects however large or small. Please get in touch to find out more.