Harris Cabinet

(Concept for a Kitchen Island)

The Slat Cabinet series is a cabinet design fresh in the making. A design principal which can be applied across a range of furniture products including sideboards, drinks cabinets and kitchens to name but a few. They are able to be used for both fitted and freestanding furniture. Used here in a ‘concept for a kitchen island’, is an example of a freestanding cabinet in British Ash with a split top in British Sycamore. A sunken planter trough runs down the centre providing the perfect place to plant your culinary herbs, easy to hand in the kitchen and bringing the feel of a kitchen garden inside.

Early inspirations for this design came from looking at older vernacular freestanding kitchen furniture such as larders and meat safes, their simple construction and good airflow which helped store food and provisions in a healthy and safe way, vitally important before refrigeration. These attributes are still valuable today although rarely used in modern cabinetry, and the Slat Cabinet series does this with very narrow gaps between the slats in the doors and sides.

Available to commission in a range of sustainable British and European hardwoods.

To Commission a Slat Cabinet or Kitchen, please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and draw up some ideas.