Bespoke Jewellery Box

This is a Jewellery Box with a special sentiment. The wood is Black Poplar and was salvaged from a tree felled in the garden of the client's close family member who is now no longer with them. The tree and the wood itself had strong memories for them as the wood was supplied as firewood to them during their first months as a young family with newborn when a wood burning stove was their only source of heat aboard a barge on the Norfolk Broads. So much warmth and emotion is tied up in the wood used for this box, and it will go on to store and look after many more memories.

The box is dovetailed Black Poplar with creamy white Sycamore and Royal Blue Suede used for the lift out trays. The trays can be inserted in any order and can neatly stack into each other in the lid of the box. The box base has a thick solid brass inset panel with acts as a counter balance to stop the box tipping with the trays in the lid. The trays fit inside with a 'piston' fit meaning that they lower themselves in slowly on a cushion of air when replaced, giving the precious contents a careful ride.

To commission a box, similar or otherwise, please get in touch.